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covid-19 recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted operations across the globe. As you prepare your business for a "new normal,” we at MixGT are here to help.


Please keep in mind we’re still experiencing limited inventory on some high-demand products. We’re doing everything we can to provide the products, services and resources that help you maintain a safe, healthy and productive work environment. We’re committed to helping your business recover and become even stronger than before.


Smart Access Control Solution

WAMA is a fully smart access control solution helps your organization to keep smart and safe work environment with many features.

  • Optical and thermal dual-sensor design for easy tracking of people and their temperature

  • Greater measurement range with 384x288 thermal sensor

  • Face detection to avoid false alerts due to mismeasurement on irrelevant objects

  • Instant alerts on people without wearing facial mask

  • Accuracy up to 0.3oC (with black body); 0.5oC (no black body)


Automated Disinfectant Maker and Spray Atomizer

We have added to our services the supply of the MCube sanitizer. The device has as its objective the prevention, disinfection and control of biological risk in aeraulic plants through the nebulization of hydrogen peroxide.


It is a device for high indoor disinfection and air conditioning systems, which thanks to a controlled atomisation of H2O2, guarantees 99%* biodisinfection, thanks to an innovative technology that uses totally biodegradable and non-toxic products.