M-Cube 600

Automated Disinfectant Maker and Spray Atomizer.

The Best Space Sterilization and Disinfection System 2020

M-Cube Electrolysis Process

Uses Salt and Water to Create Sodium-Hypochlorite and atomize it to become dry bouncing fog  (Ultra-fine and atomized droplets with diameter as low as 10-7 microns) that penetrates all difficult to access areas and spaces to Bio-Decontaminate them from micro-organisms like: Viruses, Bacteria, and Spores.

Covers up-to 200 Sq. meters or 500-600 cubic meters. This device is recommended to 

  • Hotels, Motels, and Hostels

  • Schools & Classrooms

  • Shopping Malls

  • Major Supermarkets

  • Food Restaurants

  • Recreational Facilities

  • Game Arcade Centers

  • Mosques & Churches.

  • Exhibition & Trade Fair Centers

  • Cinemas & Theaters.

  • Hospitals and Quarantine camps

  • Airports & Security Checkpoints

  • Museums & Libraries

  • Ware-houses, Shipping Hubs & Storage areas


Type: Business Edition.

Rated Atomization: 3000 Metric Litres PER HOUR.

Water tank volume: 16 LT.

Salt to Water Ratio: 2g salt per litre of water .

Work time full tank: 5-6 Hours .

Covers Area: 500-600 cubic meters.

Rated Power: 185 WATTS .

Certifications: CE; ROHS, EMC .

Net Weight: 6.7 Kgs. 

Gross weight: 8 Kgs.

Accessories: 2 different spray pipe types included in Package.

Carton size: 43*42*59 cm, 0.107 cbm.

M-Cube 600.jpg